American Hoggers - Netflix

American Hoggers is an American reality television series on A&E that from 2011-2013. The series chronicles the lives of the Campbell family whose family business is professional game hunting and animal control specifically the removal of feral hogs in the state of Texas.

American Hoggers - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-10-19

American Hoggers - American hog-nosed skunk - Netflix

The American hog-nosed skunk (Conepatus leuconotus) is a species of hog-nosed skunk from Central and North America, and is one of the largest skunks in the world, growing to lengths of up to 2.7 feet (82 cm). Recent work has concluded the western hog-nosed skunk (formerly Conepatus mesoleucus) is the same species, and Conepatus leuconotus is the correct name of the merged populations. In Texas, it is commonly known as the rooter skunk for its habit of rooting and overturning rocks and debris in search of food.

American Hoggers - Reproduction - Netflix

C. leuconotus breeds from late February through early March; most adult females are pregnant by the end of March. Typically, gestation lasts about 60 days. Birth occurs in April and May. Half-grown young have been observed in late July and mid-August, and by late August young begin to disperse. The litter size is one to five young, although two to four are most common.

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