Charm School with Ricki Lake - Netflix

Fourteen contestants must change their old ways and learn improvement through acts of charity work to become Charm School Queen and win the \$100,000 prize.

Charm School with Ricki Lake - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2009-05-11

Charm School with Ricki Lake - Charm School with Ricki Lake - Netflix

Charm School with Ricki Lake is the third and final season of the VH1 reality television series Charm School. Fourteen contestants from Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels and Real Chance of Love must change their old ways and learn improvement through acts of charity work. Ricki Lake is the headmistress of the Charm School, and is assisted by deans Alani “La La” Vazquez and Stryker. Ebony Jones (Risky) was ultimately named Charm School Queen and was awarded the $100,000.

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First Aired May 25, 2009 Picking up from where Episode Two left off, So Hood badly loses her composure about Ki Ki's expulsion and calls her boyfriend on the phone and announces she's coming home. So Hood packs up her stuff and gets in the limo and drives away. In her interview, So Hood flips off the camera and calls herself a “modern day Martin Luther King”. Meanwhile, Farrah says no matter how much she and Ashley and Brittanya drink, they'll never be angry girls. Farrah complains that the girls' arguing is like “chickens squawkin'.” Farrah admits to trying to be friends with the Real Chance of Love girls, but she feels like she's torturing herself by putting up with the screaming. Farrah then quits, but says she isn't quitting, she's dropping out. The next day, Ashley and Brittanya lay in bed and discuss missing Farrah, but is happy that Ki Ki and So Hood are gone and they don't want any more Rock of Love girls to go home, but she doesn't count Brittaney and Natasha. Natasha overhears this and vows to ruins Brittanya's life. Ricki then calls the girls in for an emergency meeting. She explains what happened last elimination was unacceptable and wonders why the house is divided. Risky thinks that Ricki's choice wasn't the right choice, saying other girls should have left before Ki Ki. Ricki then asks Risky if she thought Ashley and Farrah were saved because they're white and Risky says yes. Lala sees why Risky thinks so, but it's not like that. Bay Bay Bay doesn't like being accused of playing the race card. Ashley says it isn't about race, and confesses her son isn't white. She also says she's ashamed of how she behaved on Rock of Love and apologizes to Brittaney Starr on how she's treated her. K.O., however, says Brittaney starts fights and plays the victim too much. In her commentary, Brittaney says she's a “very zen” person. Later, Brittaney confronts K.O. and accuses her of being an instigator. The next morning, Brittanya attends her court date. Brittanya admits she just got out of jail two days before coming to Charm School and she could face jail time if she's convicted for fighting. For the challenge, the girls will be associating with people who aren't like them, which turn out to be elderly people. The girls surprisingly handle the challenge well and have fun with the elders. Bubbles talks to an old lady and listens to her stories. Ashley talks to an old lady and the lady asks Ashley if her breast are real and Ashley says no and lets her touch them. Brittanya sits on an old man's lap and talks to him. K.O. talks to a woman and explains she has no family and that the woman made her feel like her family. Brittaney is then recognized by a man who saw her in one of her previous porn films. Bay Bay Bay dances with some of the people. Natasha gets distracted watching them dance and an old man fell from his chair. The elderly are then asked to vote for their favorite girl, and Bay Bay Bay wins and is safe from expulsion. Natasha and K.O. plot to get Brittanya on the carpet. In Detention Hall, Brittanya, Bubbles, and Brittaney are voted onto the carpet. Brittanya thinks K.O. voted for her because she's insecure that she's K.O.'s biggest competition. Brittaney thinks Bubbles should go home because she doesn't need Charm School. Stryker thinks Brittaney plays the victim too much. Brittaney, however is wearing headphones and is dancing to the “rhythm in her head”. Lala says that coming into elimination with headphones on is a sign of disrespect and Brittaney then takes off and apologizes. Ricki doesn't know if Brittaney's fake, but decides to not eliminate anybody. Commandment: Thou Shalt Play Nicely With Others Lesson: None Challenge: Caring for Elderly People Dean's List: Bay Bay Bay Detention Hall: Ashley, Brittaney, Brittanya, Bubbles, K.O., Marcia, Natasha, Risky Bottom 3: Brittaney, Brittanya, Bubbles Expelled: None Quit: So Hood, Farrah Reasons for Withdraw: So Hood: She believed Ricki made a wrong decision sending Ki Ki home. She couldn't stand the thought of being expelled before some of the other contestants. Farrah: She couldn't deal with all the commotion going on in the house.

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