Kindred: The Embraced - Netflix

The series focused on San Francisco Police Detective Frank Kohanek who discovers his city is home to numerous vampires while investigating alleged mobster, Julian Luna. Julian is the "Prince" of the city, ruler of five groups of vampires in the city, collectively called "The Kindred". The vampires survive through the "masquerade", disguising themselves as humans, and Julian strictly enforces the laws that govern them to protect their anonymity. Julian and Frank form an uneasy bond as they work together to try to prevent a vampire war and Julian struggles with his romantic feelings for human reporter Caitlin Byrne.

Kindred: The Embraced - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1996-04-02

Kindred: The Embraced - List of fictional vampires - Netflix

This list covers the many types of vampires or vampire-like creatures found in fiction. It does not include any vampire that originates in folklore and / or mythology, nor does it necessarily include the concept of dhampirs, hybrid or half-vampires.

Kindred: The Embraced - C - Netflix

Caius (Twilight) Camille Belcourt (The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices) Carlisle Cullen (Twilight series) Carlos Rivera (The Vampire Huntress Legend) Carmen (Twilight series) Carmilla Karnstein (Carmilla) Caroline Forbes (The Vampire Diaries) Cassandra DuCharme (Women of the Otherworld) Catherine “Cat” Crawfield (Night Huntress series) Charity More (Evernight) Charles (Twilight series) Charles Farren (Those Who Hunt the Night, Traveling with the Dead) Charles Twining (The Southern Vampire Mysteries) Charlotte (Twilight series) Chelsea (Twilight series) Chow (The Southern Vampire Mysteries) Chris (Thirsty) Christian (Lost Souls) Christopher “Nice Guy” Carboni (The Blood Maker and the Witch's Curse) Christian Ozera (Vampire Academy) Christopher Ravena (Shattered Mirror) Claire Morgan (The Blood Maker and the Witch's Curse) Clarimonde (La Morte Amoureuse) Claudia (The Vampire Chronicles) Cordelia Van Alen (Blue Bloods) Count Dracula (Dracula, Young Dracula) Count von Count (Sesame Street)

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