Word Party - Netflix

In Jim Henson's Netflix original series, pre-schoolers get to play and learn from four adorable baby animals.

Word Party - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 11 minutes

Premier: 2016-06-03

Word Party - Political parties and political designations in Massachusetts - Netflix

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (a U.S. state), there are three recognized political parties and an additional 25 political designations in which registered voters may choose to enroll. Voters may also choose to remain as “unenrolled voters” (i.e., independents). Political parties hold primary elections, while political designations do not. A political designation is a one-to-three word descriptive term which may appear next to candidates' names on election ballots. To be recognized as a political designation, fifty registered voters must file a document with the state seeking this status.

Word Party - Enrolled and unenrolled voters - Netflix

In Massachusetts, registered voters may choose to (1) enroll in a political party; (2) enroll with a political designation; or (3) choose to be an unenrolled voter (i.e., an independent). Voters may change their enrollment status with their election official, with a deadline twenty days before an election. All registered voters may vote in general elections. Massachusetts voters enrolled in a particular party may vote only in that party's primary, and cannot cross-over to vote in another party's primary, but “unenrolled” voters may cast a primary ballot for one of the three parties. Political designations are treated as “unenrolled” voters for primary purposes, and so they too may choose to vote in one of the party primaries. Under Massachusetts law, a political designation is created when fifty registered Massachusetts voters “file a form with the Secretary of the Commonwealth requesting that they, or any other voters, may change their registration to such designation.” These non-party political designations may field candidates for statewide office, if they petition with a sufficient number of signatures (10,000). The various political designations have generally small membership, although they have attracted some media attention.

Word Party - References - Netflix